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9 Ideas that Brought More Than $1 Billion

  • 1The sweet empire of Ferrero Family: $25 billion Due to the Tastiest Breakfast Solution Ever – Nutella!

    When you ponder over smart ideas that brought people billions of dollars, you will be amazed how simple and logic they are! Sometimes all you need is to guess the desire of consumers all over the world. Most of the time they don’t have to invent something very complicated – just simple things that are able to change everything! The example of Michele Ferrero who reaps sweet benefits of his father invention is absolutely exciting. Pietro Ferrero, the founder of Nutella, leaved the 4th largest chocolate empire in the world – Ferrero-Rocher to his son. The net of this company is worth over $24.8 billion. Not so bad for a chocolate manufacturer! This unique family completely ruins the stereotype that most fortune-bringing inventions come from the niche of finance, software, or communication.

    Everything and everybody in Ferrero family became permeated with the smell of chocolate. Pietro Ferrero had had a family confectionery shop before his son was born, so his son knew how chocolate tastes from his crib. As many inventions, Nutella was created absolutely unintentionally, as people say, “necessity is the mother of invention.” During the Second World War Italy lacked cocoa due to embargos and rationing. The chocolate factory’s future was threatened, but resourceful Pietro decided to cut his chocolate with hazelnuts which were and are in abundance in Italy. And he discovered that chocolate mixed with nuts taste really good. He experimented again and again until he managed to achieve the desirable texture. The first products looked like a loaf of bread. Creamy texture we love Nutella for was developed a little bit later.

    The invention had a mind-blowing success among locals. So very soon Pietro’s shop transformed into a confectionery factory. His brother Giovanni worked on spreading the product and creating a global network. Michele became the owner of his father’s network back in 1949. He branded his father’s chocolate cream as Nutella in 1963. Later the world was introduced to now iconic products like Kinder Chocolate and Kinder Surprise, Tic Tac, Mon Cheri, and Pocket Coffee.


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