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7 Upsetting Recipes

  • 1Cupcakewurst: Provoking Sausages Filled With Cupcakes?!

    A new culinary craze invented by Stef, an author of a fun experimental cupcake blog, is called Cupcakewurst. It looks like a sausage, but instead of meat it is filled with a cupcake!!! Veggies must be happy about this invention, but those who just love cupcakes might shudder at the mere thought of such a weird combination. Would you dare to try?

    Stef was wondering “what would happen if, instead of stuffing a sausage casing with meat (or meat substitute), you stuffed it with cupcake batter?” She baked them and then kept them few minutes on the grill and ended up with chocolate cupcake sausage – Cupcakewurst. Like every sausage, Cupcakewurst needs a bun and some ketchup. She substituted ordinary ketchup with raspberry topping.

    According to Stef, this recipe took a lot of experimentation, because the “sausages” kept exploding while being baked. Finally she found their comfort spot of baking at 325 F with only filling the casings halfway. But still a small amount of batter oozed out through the holes. With all this mess, do you still think that Cupcakewurst is worth a bite? Never repeat this experiments until you love these revolting sausage casings which look like “a cross between a giant slippery noodle and a condom,” as Stef does.

    If you are still excited about Cupcakewurst, here are the ingredients:
    • Edible sausage casings 12 inches long each. If you don’t know where to buy them, ask a local butcher.
    • Cupcake batter (about a 1/4 cup of batter per sausage). You can try your favourite flavours.
    • Long John unfilled doughnuts for the buns. You can substitute them with any other buns.
    • Raspberry sauce for the ketchup.

    You have to tie one end of the casing into a tight knot. And then start filling it with cupcake batter. You can use a sandwich bag with a small hole in the end for this purpose. The batter should take up five inches of the casing. Squeeze out air bubbles and tie off the other end of the casing. Bake for 15 minutes at 325 F. Then flip them and bake for another 15 minutes. A tip from Stef: “If any of the sausages burst open, wipe off (and eat) the cooked cupcake batter that spilled out.” Cupcakewurst is served warm on Long John doughnuts with raspberry sauce.

    Well, this is the most provoking or discreditable dish I have ever seen. The idea what has to be inside of these sausages is so cemented in my head that eating this Cupcakewurst will simply ruin my universe.

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