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8 Most Embarrassing Parenting Fails


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Teachers Take Our Education Too Seriously…


Teachers are people the sweetest part of our life is associated with – our childhood. But they constantly intrude in our sweet dreams and simply don’t let us be in clover. Can something be nastier than getting an education? It looks like there is no end of these exams, assignments, tests, and other bullshit that poison our life. Teachers are unique people that have awful habits every student in the world can understand.

Teachers’ heads are stuffed with different knowledge, and they believe they can force us to stuff our heads with the same bullshit. They can hardly remember our names, but easily pronounce three-storeyed chemical names like formaldehyde-tetra-methyl-amido-fluorimum… It seems like our teachers are almighty because even if they are sick, they miraculously appear at school guess what for? To assign us more work. Even on their sickbed all they think about is us, their students. “How can these poor kids survive my absence?”

Those who tried arguing with teachers know that they are hardy persuadable. They have never suffered from low self-esteem. If you, daredevil, decided that you know something better, they will take revenge on you. They always talk about an academic dialog, but when you really dare to argue with them, only few of them would listen to you.

Teachers always overload us with their assignments and don’t care that we have other classes. But when it comes to grading our papers, they say they didn’t have time because they have other classes except our. Is there any justice on earth? It looks that some teachers don’t use common logic at all. They sweat us trying to make the most knowledge of us, but they should realize one simple thing: not all of us going to become nerds like them. But we thank our teachers for harsh circumstances that teach us to fight every day, and we’ll elbow our way one day. It’s for sure.


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